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Product Spotlight: The Body Shop: Aloe Calming Face Cleanser RRP $19.00

What’s not to love about this ultra-gentle cleansing lotion?

Irritant free (we’re looking at you alcohol and fragrance!), this vegan cleanser is an ideal way to start the day, and a great option for anyone who finds foaming cleansers leave their skin feeling tight or dry.

Aloe vera features heavily across the ingredient profile of this cleanser with aloe vera gel sitting pretty at second on the list – and aloe vera has been proven to increase the production of collagen in your skin (which means skin healing power is boosted).

If you wear makeup and sunscreen every day, you might find a double cleanse is necessary to properly break down the product on your skin, which is why we love this product for a mild cleanse to start the day.

Easily flushed skin or dry skin will benefit from the soothing formula, while oilier skin types will experience a balanced cleanse.

The Body Shop notes this cleanser contains “100% organic and preservative free Community Trade aloe vera gel and moisturising babsassu oil”, but acne-prone skins need not fear – this ingredient sits low on the list and is this rinse-off product is unlikely to cause any additional oiliness.

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