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Q & A: Water and Dry Skin

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Q: Can you cure dry skin by drinking more water? I hear so many people saying that staying hydrated is the secret to good skin.

A: Although dietary water is essential for the overall normal functioning (including the “water barrier”)of your skin (and other organs), you cannot drink your way to hydrated skin. Skin is not hydrated simply by water – it is protected and lubricated by the sebum produced by your sebaceous glands, preventing the evaporation of moisture on the top layers (however, sebum secretion rate has not been found to be solely responsible for dry skin either).

Individuals with dry skin can look to products that will hydrate skin topically and feel more free to use oil-heavy products and cream formulas (especially those who do not suffer from acne along with dry skin). You should drink water over other fluids whenever possible, but don’t look to this as a dry skin cure-all.

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