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Product Spotlight: Derma Sukin Gentle

Sukin has, since launch, offered a range of vegan & cruelty-free, carbon-neutral and biodegradable products made in Australia, however their Derma line (specifically the gentle range) hits it out of the ball park with some highly affordable and skin-friendly options.

Starting priced at $8.95, the Derma Sukin Daily Gentle Wash is an excellent cleanser for all skin types, free from all fragrance and irritants and available in a very generous 1L pump container for just $18.95. Your cleanser will only sit on your skin for up to a minute during your daily (or twice-daily) face washing, so this product proves to be amazing for your skin and your skin care budget.

Sukin notes that their Derma range is, “Dermatologist Certified as non-irritating and non-sensitizing on the skin, ensuring they are suitable and safe for use on your dry, itchy and problem skin. Note that they are fragrance free, and very different in consistency to the Sukin products as they are targeted towards problematic and condition-prone skin.”

What an achievement from a vegan skin care brand to take into consideration those looking for truly non-irritating and soothing options with dermatology in mind!

Sitting alongside the Derma Gentle range is Derma Hydrating and Oil Balancing – with standout products from this whole definitely being the cleansers across the board. Oil-sensitive skins should test the moisturisers before use (sesame seed oil is noted in the Gentle Daily Lotion), but overall this is a skin-smart purchase that’s available online and with various stockists.

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