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Product Spotlight: Paula’s Choice Redness Relief Cleanser $30.00

Photo credit: Paula’s Choice 

We’ve featured several cleansers here at Vegan Skin Care and for good reason – a cleansing routine that keeps your skin feeling comfortable and balanced is essential, and the cornerstone of a sensible skin care routine.

Paula’s Choice Redness Relief Cleanser comes in two forms, the Normal to Oily Cleanser (my personal product of choice for twice-daily cleansing), and the Normal to Dry Cleanser.

This cleanser was created for even the most sensitive of skin types (including those with rosacea), making it an excellent choice and an ideal option if you’re just starting to build up your vegan bathroom cabinet.

It must be noted that some cleansers targeting sensitive skin types fail to effectively cleanse the skin, meaning makeup and/or sunscreen will remain on your skin with the potential to irritate your skin. This cleanser by Paula’s Choice combines the best of soothing plant ingredients with a gentle but sufficient clean for your skin (although you might prefer to double cleanse if you wear sunscreen and a fuller face of makeup during the day).

Housed within this cleanser is allantoin (which has been proven to increase the gentle shedding of the top layers of skin and decrease inflammation, as discussed at the 2016 International Conference on Psoriasis and Skin Specialists), aloe vera, calendula extract and glycerin, all contributing towards a comfortable cleanse that will move excess oil, product and dead skin off your face.

Available for purchase online only, this cleanser sits at $30 AUD, which may be considered at the higher end for a product that won’t be sitting on your face for longer than a few minutes. With this being said, it’s a near-certain win for sensitive skin types especially those with oilier skin who have so often found that gentle cleansers come in cream or oil forms.

A well-considered and executed cleanser for even the most easily irritated skin, this product is worth a trial if you’ve battled to find a vegan and very gentle cleanser which will leave skin feeling clean but undisturbed, and is a current staple at the VSC HQ.

Is your cleanser a gel formulation, and how does your skin respond?



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