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Micellar Water – Quick Cleanse Hero or Too Good To Be True?

With MBFWA Sydney officially over and out, it’s time for the usual wave of runway beauty breakdowns and backstage peeks into the kits of the H&MU teams working tirelessly across the shows. This often marks the renewed interest in “quick-service” skin care – lotions and potions that are intended as a short-term solution for the masses, but adopted quickly by beauty media and hailed as holy grail items.

One such item is micellar water, known to be gentle makeup removers with a water-like formulation. You might soak a cotton round in the fluid and rest it on your eyes to loosen mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow product before wiping the skin and lashes clean.

The science behind micellar water involves micelle (a complex of surfactant (service active agent) molecules within a mixture), which will combine with water and interact with oil (those produced by our skin or within product) to clean our skin’s surface.

Generally, micellar waters prove useful for backstage work for models between shows to swipe off some of their full faces of makeup between shows, where a full cleanse requiring a traditional cleanser and running water often isn’t available, but they are by no means an all-powerful, one stop shop cleanser or cleanser alternative. Often the fluid leaves a slightly oily feel to the skin which may not

There is very little research and evidence regarding micellar waters and their efficacy that has not been sponsored by R&D from companies like Unilever for their family of skin care and beauty brands, but micellar waters should not replace your gentle cleanser and water routine, which will always prove to better cleanse your skin and rinse completely clean.

Are micellar waters a staple in your skin care routine? Let us know in the comments below!



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