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The Perfect (Really) Vegan Sunscreen: NIOD Survival 30

If you’ve not heard of NIOD, you’ve likely heard of their sister brand The Ordinary – a one-stop shop for powerhouse ingredients and skincare blends at prices under $20 AUD.

Deciem, the umbrella brand the covers The Ordinary, Hylamide and several others, is the ever-cool kid on the skincare block, and I appreciate their commitment to ongoing product development, redesign and one-upping themselves.

I’ve explored several of the NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) products in their range and have loved pretty much every one. They also provide some truly devoted customer service and products are readily available online or in-person (at Myer for Australians).


We all know we should wear sunscreen (not all the time, not every second of every day in the light, but definitely it should be a regular part of our routine), but as someone with oily skin and sometimes sensitive skin, sunscreens are a minefield – ‘natural’ sunscreens can be filled with waxes & other occlusives, chemical sunscreens can irritate across the day and sting your eyes upon removal, and so you’re left with skin that’s protected in some ways but inflamed, broken out or unhappy in others.

For anyone reading who can relate, I highly recommend ordering NIOD Survival 30 – it’s reasonably priced, beautifully formulated and filled with zinc & titanium oxide sitting at SPF 30 (PA +++), and if you’ve read through my other posts you’ll know that zinc is a winner – I’m yet to come across a zinc-serum for skin-soothing purposes only that’s truly well-formulated (in case you’re wondering – The Ordinary Zinc & Niacinamide Serum seems to have very mixed reactions, which I think could be the Niacinamide, but more about this in another post). The zinc on your skin across the day will soothe while it blocks the burn.

Jojoba oil & squalane add some slip (and are breakout-prone skin friendly – trust me, this does not leave you glistening or feeling clogged by the end of the day), and the tint itself is blendable leaving a gentle matte finish once applied.

Of course, I’d love a larger bottle at a lower price, but really there is nothing else on the market across a vegan SPF that won’t compromise all of your other hard work in taking care of your skin.

I purchased my bottle from ASOS (now sold out, doh!) for about $50.00 AUD, but you can also try BeautyBay (as is often the case, because the SPF is noted Australia-verified, we can’t order from Deciem or purchase in store).

However you do it, get some and don’t look back to those gloopy tubes of the past (or just use them up on your body).

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