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The Skincare Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To In 2020

Entering a new decade seems like the perfect time to get on top of your skincare routine – I’ve seen countless Instagram Stories talking about a 2020 glow-up.

Since I was 14 or so, I’ve been using some kind of skincare routine (you might recall L’Oreal Happyderm – well before I was vegan and using cruelty-free beauty – a ‘skin exhilarating’ skin system in its peachy packaging, enjoy a trip down memory lane via this link!), and I’ve really tried the full spectrum, arriving at a point now where I could navigate any beauty aisle with confidence knowing what ingredients will and won’t work for my skin.

Pulling together all the takeaways from skincare conversations with my friends, colleagues and loved ones, I’ve come up with 5 skincare resolutions that will make a big impact on your skin health this year, and won’t overwhelm you if you’re just getting started.

#1: Stick with a Winning Routine

In theory, especially at the start of a new year, it can be really tempting to start fresh with the hot new skincare brand on the block and clear out your workhorse products. Many skincare lines (I’m looking at you, Drunk Elephant!), who encourage exclusive use of their product line for best results.

Even in this day and age, I still see celebrities & beauty bloggers touting the benefits of “keeping your skin guessing” by changing your routine every season or every few weeks.

If you’re coming at 2020 with sensitised skin, inflamed skin or recent breakouts that you attribute to products then definitely start from scratch (much like an elimination diet), but for most people, you don’t need a massive overhaul.

Keep your go-to cleanser or clay mask, and tweak the actives in your routine that will make the most impact on your complexion.

#2 Just Wear The Sunscreen 

I get it, sunscreen can be an awful experience, and if sunscreen makes you break out – even if you are protecting yourself from photodamage – it’s really hard to get behind it, let alone use it daily. You’re now spoiled for choice, and you can find a clear sunscreen from Glossier, powder top-up products and the sheerest of thin liquids – so pick one and wear it every day. You will never regret this!*

*If you’re Vitamin D deficient and need this direct sunlight boost, you can’t use SPF, but this could be about 20 mins in that direct sun outside of peak burning hours.

#3 Talk to a Professional

It might be a dermatologist, a doctor or an experience facialist – if you’ve got ongoing skin issues or an onset of acne, it’s worthwhile ruling out something going on that needs more specific treatment. Topical products can’t do it all – and in the spirit of approaching vegan skincare with a practical approach, you may need some oral supplementation or prescription products – you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run for the cost of an appointment.

#4 Get Rid of Your Magnifying Mirror

Even though we all know what real skin texture looks like, and we are all familiar with skin filters and Facetune, it’s really difficult not to overanalyse your pores or minor discolouration if you have a magnifying mirror on your bathroom counter. Avoid the temptation pick at blemishes, critique lines and wrinkles or squeeze at your skin by sticking to your regular mirror – seriously.

#5 Splurge on Function, Not Appearance

There are some really beautiful skincare lines that match active and science-backed vegan ingredients with attractive packaging, but if you’ve dabbled in tretinoin, for example, you’ll know the sterile packaging isn’t exactly eye-candy for flatlays – but boy, does it work! So pay the bigger bucks for a really well-formulated BHA at the right PH, or (as above) a visit to a dermatologist – but don’t feel the need to buy a certain sea-inspired skincare line just because there’s a fancy gold wand with their $350.00 eye cream (you know the one I mean!). (Unless you really, really, really love what it does for your skin).

Do you have any 2020 skincare resolutions? Are you still sticking to a skin decision that made an impact from years gone by?

XX Holly


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