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My Favourite Cleanser is Always Out of Stock at Priceline

I really, really, really like the Squalane Cleanser from The Ordinary, and I’ve purchased 3 tubes of it so far (I think it’s time to move from the 50ml to 150ml size).

If you haven’t heard of squalane, it’s the even-more-emollient and saturated part of squalene (which we have as part of our sebum), and while it used to be sourced from the liver of sharks, today you’ll find primarily plant-based sources in your skincare. For some people, the idea of a sebum-y cleanser could seem off-putting – but this moisturising cleanser is actually a great product for pretty much everyone.

It’s an interesting texture, coming straight out of the tube like a thick white balm, which (when you massage it between your fingers as instructed) turns thinner and clear. This is when you apply onto dry skin and cleanse.

What I love about this product, I’ve listed below:

#1 It’s gentle for day and night use – lots of people like a splash of water to cleanse in the morning, but after a night of vitamin A, I want something to work off any slight flakes, and this does it just right.

#2 I can’t see any reason (outside of allergy), that this would sensitise even the most fragile of skin types. It doesn’t foam, it doesn’t emulsify in a synthetic way as you rinse off, and it doesn’t leave any residue – your skin simply feels, as the product advertises, moisturised.

3# It feels comfortable to massage this cleanser into the skin for 30 seconds, taking off my zinc-based sunscreen and product from the day.

4# This isn’t an oil or balm cleanser or even a cream cleanser – this is a gentle product that won’t clog you up.

My only concern would be for those who wear a full face of makeup – it might require a double-cleanse method, or a little extra product.

Actually, my only real concern is that, at $13.90 AUD, when you go browsing The Ordinary aisles at Priceline, you’ll likely find an echoey space where all of those white boxes used to be.

So if you do find it, don’t forget to buy two.

XX Holly

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