Skin Purging: The ”It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better” Myth

A new skin care product added to your everyday routine will, if not carefully selected, cause your skin to react negatively. Redness, inflammation, peeling, blemishes or rashes are signs that your skin is aggravated – but with every new skin care product or complete line that joins the burgeoning market, so too follows the deeply-rooted […]

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The Psychology of Skin Disease & Prescription Products

In our pragmatic approach to cruelty-free skin care, we are focused on delivering you dermatology news, research and articles. In 2017, Anthony Bewley published an article: “The Psychology of Skin Disease” in the British Medial Journal (BMJ). Within, Bewley notes: “Skin conditions can have a detrimental effect on most aspects of a person’s life, including […]