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Q&A: Lactic Acid – Is It Vegan-Friendly?

Q: I’ve come across lactic acid in several skincare products – can I still use these items if I’m vegan? A: Despite the name and the similarity to the word ‘lactose’, lactic acid as a chemical compound is vegan-friendly. Lactic acid is “produced industrially by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates (sugar, starch)” and is often referred to within the skincare realm as […]

Jade Rollers & Puffy Faces: Does Massage Benefit Your Skin?

Whether it be at the start as part of the cleansing, or with a facial oil, facial massage is often credited with “de-puffing” your face, smoothing wrinkles, creating improved blood flow and assisting in the absorption of your serums or moisturisers. Is a “glow from within” really possible from massage, and what does this do […]

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What Plumping Products Are Really Doing To Your Lips

Increased lip volume has become the branding focus for lip care and makeup products across the market. With semi-permanent lip filler injections readily available, cosmetics and skin care brands have been following suit with offerings that claim to plump and smooth lips to the same effect. While it is clear that you can’t achieve the […]

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Your All-Natural Skin Care Might Be Harming Your Skin

As “going green” across our diets & lifestyles has become increasingly popular, you’ll notice a heightened awareness of what is going into our bodies. For veganism, this has meant a significant uptick in interest, which is highly beneficial in normalising something that has for years seemed so alienating and extreme. When it comes to your […]

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The Skin-Ageing Protein: Advanced Glycation End-Products

AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) are proteins or lipids that have gone through the process of glycation (where a sugar molecule like glucose or fructose binds to a protein or lipid molecule), and will affect the majority of the cell types across the human body. AGEs have been researched extensively (especially so in recent years) in […]