Micellar Water – Quick Cleanse Hero or Too Good To Be True?

With MBFWA Sydney officially over and out, it’s time for the usual wave of runway beauty breakdowns and backstage peeks into the kits of the H&MU teams working tirelessly across the shows. This often marks the renewed interest in “quick-service” skin care – lotions and potions that are intended as a short-term solution for the […]

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What Plumping Products Are Really Doing To Your Lips

Increased lip volume has become the branding focus for lip care and makeup products across the market. With semi-permanent lip filler injections readily available, cosmetics and skin care brands have been following suit with offerings that claim to plump and smooth lips to the same effect. While it is clear that you can’t achieve the […]

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Your All-Natural Skin Care Might Be Harming Your Skin

As “going green” across our diets & lifestyles has become increasingly popular, you’ll notice a heightened awareness of what is going into our bodies. For veganism, this has meant a significant uptick in interest, which is highly beneficial in normalising something that has for years seemed so alienating and extreme. When it comes to your […]

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Essential Oils: How Natural Fragrances Can Harm Your Skin

Essential oils have taken centre stage in recent years across skin care, being touted for their healing, cleansing and soothing capabilities. While synthetic fragrances are less popular, we have embraced fragrant plant oils like eucalyptus or citrus (often included in acne-targeted products), lavender (advertised to soothe and relax skin) or peppermint (for a tingle in […]

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The Psychology of Skin Disease & Prescription Products

In our pragmatic approach to cruelty-free skin care, we are focused on delivering you dermatology news, research and articles. In 2017, Anthony Bewley published an article: “The Psychology of Skin Disease” in the British Medial Journal (BMJ). Within, Bewley notes: “Skin conditions can have a detrimental effect on most aspects of a person’s life, including […]